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About me

Hi my name is Chris I am a photographer based near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

My photography is spontaneous and documentary in style.

It requires no posing and no time set aside. It flows with your day and results in natural relaxed images. No bossy photographer here!

Wedding preperations Scotland

I can include traditional set piece images in any package if required, though this requires a certain amount of time set aside to arrange and capture.

My wedding photography is a passion

I constantly strive to capture natural photographs that convey the personality of the people in the image and also 'the spirit of the moment'. Posing is not required.

Wedding service Scotland

I can take set piece images if you wish, I call them formals. Even though they need setting up I make sure the formals remain relaxed.They provide a great record of people and places. The 'formal' style is familiar and timeless.

Image of Scottish wedding at Strathpeffer Pavillion Yes the sky is real, not Photoshopped in. A stunning sunset over Strathpeffer Pavilion that was gone 10 minutes later, sometimes you have to work fast!

Though formal shots can be great I believe documentary photograhy cannot be beaten for capturing the moment and for telling the story of your day. Most of my time at a wedding is spent capturing documentary images

Natural wedding image here

In case you were wondering I can take photographs of large set pieces,like the image I took below of Bow fiddle rock. But they take so much time to capture and set up. Fine for landscape work if you have the time but perhaps not so at a wedding? Let the day flow, enjoy your time with family and guests. It's such a special day why waste time being pulled around by a photographer and being told to stand here and 'smile'.
It's not my style. I prefer to capture natural and spontaneous images at a wedding.

Image of Bow Fiddle Rock

Whatever the style of photography you choose my ultimate goal is to provide every couple with the images that they desire. I always spend time with the couple a few months before the wedding to make sure that I have an accurate idea of the images that they require. Every wedding is unique I don't believe one photography package 'fits all'.

The video below gives a good idea of my style of wedding photography.
Prices and package details can be found using the links.

Thanks for looking at my work. Chris.